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fitness training
One on one personal training to give you the tools you need to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. The power of a Personal Fitness Trainer is amazing. You will find that reaching your health and fitness goals are much easier with the help of a professional personal trainer.



muscle activation technique
I use Muscle Activation Technique to balance the muscular system in your training sessions to help with injury prevention and recovery. The muscular system is a largely overlook part of health and wellness. I find that a lot of doctors look to arthritis as the reason for pain when it can be as simple as activating the muscular system.


healthy diet
Diet and nutritional counselling for quality of life, weight reduction and improved recovery from training. To help you find the best eating plan for your lifestyle, personal wellness and fitness needs. The food you put into your body has an incredible impact on your wellbeing and should not be overlooked. We put more food into our body than anything else to not look at this portion of your life we are leaving out a huge part of what keeps us well or in many cases unwell.



Personal trainers guide and motivate clients to reach their peak fitness potential. They assess clients' fitness needs of clients and develop plans based on them. Personal trainers provide personal training, present classes and instruct on proper nutrition. Personal trainers must have a strong understanding of the functions and vital processes of the human body so they can effectively design and deliver personal nutrition and physical fitness training programs. It is critical to be knowledgeable in health promotion at every stage of growth and development to meet the needs of various clients. A good personal trainer must be energetic and motivating, always encouraging their clients to reach maximum performance.

How can I avoid getting hurt when I exercise?

January 10th, 2010 No comments »

This is a very, very good question. The answer is simple as well as somewhat complicated. It’s simple is if you have the right person with the right skills to work with. Complicated if you don’t have appropriate assistance. To choose exercises from a magazine or a buddy is all too often a huge mistake. How do you know if the program is appropriate for you? Generally you don’t and chances are it isn’t. This is a classic recipe for injury and frustration.

A fitness program or exercise plan should be based on your specific needs, lifestyle and goals and should also be altered on a very regular basis. I often change what I do with my clients from week to week, if not session to session. I combine exercise with MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) to help me hone appropriate exercises for my participants. With this combination I am able to tell if the plan is working the them. Sometimes less is more and we must be aware of that. It can be a slower process but the results can be far more rewarding. Imagine progressing your fitness without ever getting hurt, it can be done.

A new year, A new you?

January 1st, 2010 1 comment »

I believe that to be successful in life and in your health we must set goals. A new year’s resolution is often a recipe for failure. So what do we do to create success?

Goals are an important way to succeed. A lot of people hesitate in setting goals because they feel that they will fail yet again. So lets start with baby steps. I suggest setting a realistic goal for the whole year. But the key is to be realistic. If you have 100 lbs to lose you may not want to have that your goal for the year. It may be too much for one year but maybe 40 lbs is realistic. Keep in mind it took you time to get where you are and its going to take to time to get where you want to be. If you are consistently moving toward your goals even with baby steps you will succeed.

Once you have set your goal for the year then we start to break it down into small steps. So what is realistic for the next two weeks? Is it just changing your eating habits, say changing your choice of what you eat before bed. How about trying a healthier option. Instead of chips how about carrots or plain popcorn. As long as you make a positive change every week or two you will move forward. If you fall back to your old habits for a week or two forgive yourself and get back on track.

I would suggest setting a goal for three months, six months, and nine months. Remember this is based on your personal success so be kind to yourself and set goals you can achieve.

Getting started

November 26th, 2009 No comments »

Ok so you have had a little talk with yourself about how you operate and what your needs are, now what? Now you start to try out different options. I wouldn’t recommend starting with a gym unless you can get a one month membership or a month to month membership. The problem I find with gyms is that they like to lock you in for long term memberships. I have nothing against going to the gym but it must be the right choice for you.

Try some classes at your local recreation centre, get a few friends together to create a walking club, or contact a personal trainer. The key is to try as many options as you can until you find the right option for you. If it isn’t right for you you will only make excuses. Be careful when you start though. I often see people do too much too soon and either get injured or burn out.

I would suggest a basic fitness assessment that includes heart rate, blood pressure, weight and measurements. It’s is extremely important to have a benchmark of where you started.