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Personal Training in Edmonton

fitness training
One on one personal training to give you the tools you need to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. The power of a Personal Fitness Trainer is amazing. You will find that reaching your health and fitness goals are much easier with the help of a professional personal trainer.



muscle activation technique
I use Muscle Activation Technique to balance the muscular system in your training sessions to help with injury prevention and recovery. The muscular system is a largely overlook part of health and wellness. I find that a lot of doctors look to arthritis as the reason for pain when it can be as simple as activating the muscular system.


healthy diet
Diet and nutritional counselling for quality of life, weight reduction and improved recovery from training. To help you find the best eating plan for your lifestyle, personal wellness and fitness needs. The food you put into your body has an incredible impact on your wellbeing and should not be overlooked. We put more food into our body than anything else to not look at this portion of your life we are leaving out a huge part of what keeps us well or in many cases unwell.



Personal trainers guide and motivate clients to reach their peak fitness potential. They assess clients' fitness needs of clients and develop plans based on them. Personal trainers provide personal training, present classes and instruct on proper nutrition. Personal trainers must have a strong understanding of the functions and vital processes of the human body so they can effectively design and deliver personal nutrition and physical fitness training programs. It is critical to be knowledgeable in health promotion at every stage of growth and development to meet the needs of various clients. A good personal trainer must be energetic and motivating, always encouraging their clients to reach maximum performance.

The power of “WHY” and your fitness goals

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Why would the word WHY be significant? Have you ever tried to do affirmations and found that they just don’t work? You tell yourself “I weigh 150 pounds” when you are actually 250 pounds. Your mind is automatically calling you a liar. Why, because it just isn’t the truth for you. You may desperately want it to be the

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truth but it isn’t and every part of you knows it. So why don’t we try a different approach. Ask yourself, “Why will I be 150 pounds?” Then

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proceed to answer honestly. You may come up with answers such as “because I am going to eat less and start working out.” I would suggest giving yourself as many answers as possible. By doing so you are creating an action plan and chances are you will start moving in the right direction towards you goal.

How to choose a personal fitness trainer

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It’s very important to have the right fit when working with a personal trainer. There are so many options and ways to hire a trainer. You can go to a community recreation centre, local gym, personal training studio or even go online. I wouldn’t recommend starting with a magazine or DVD as a pseudo trainer. A personal trainer is trained to help you with your needs and goals and a magazine or DVD is way too generic and you may be setting yourself up for injury. If you choose a gym just be careful. I’m not saying this is a bad option actually it can be an excellent option. For starters for should have access to a team of trainers and should be able to pick and choose as well as change your trainer if need be. The reason I say to be careful is because a gym will try to lock you into a long-term membership, which is fine for some but a really bad idea for

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others. If you are unsure I would suggest a short-term or month-to-month membership to start. Remember the sales person gets paid more if you sign up for a one or two year membership and not as much for month-to-month. You will pay a bit more for a short-term membership but if you find that you are just not happy it’s

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much easier to get out of it. I cannot stress the importance of being happy and comfortable with the facility enough. The big thing to keep in mind when working with a personal fitness trainer is that it is not a quick fix and should be looked at as a long-term commitment. Don’t let that sentence scare you. Remember there is a process involved in helping you progress and achieve your goals and it does take time. Just like building a house the foundation is extremely important. Also keep in mind if you are tight for funds or time you can create a schedule with your trainer that works best for you. There should always be options. It is recommended that you interview a potential trainer or several trainers. Don’t just assume that we are all the same. Just like a doctor or hairdresser we all have strengths, weaknesses and our own personality and style. If personalities clash you may find yourself very unhappy. Think of it a bit like dating, sometimes you have to go on a few blind dates before you find the right one.

Why would I hire a Personal Fitness Trainer?

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Really good question! Ok so if I need my car fixed, I

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just do it myself right? Well I don’t know anything about cars. Someone

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is suing me so I can represent myself right? Well I don’t know the first thing about law. Do you see what I mean if I don’t know what I’m doing then maybe I won’t get the job done right. As a personal trainer I have years of education and experience, a good handle on human anatomy, and a vast library of exercises.

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I know how to implement these exercises and when to change them. I know if an exercise is appropriate for someone. I also know how to progress someone to help them achieve their goals. I hire someone to fix my car and my legal needs (not the same person of course). So why wouldn’t someone hire a personal trainer! You may think that hiring a personal trainer is not in your budget. Well there are countless options. Many trainers offer small group rates or even online training. I have clients that I see 3 or 4 times per week or once every 6 to 8 weeks. We will try to give you as many options as we can. We know that we have to do what works for you both physically and financially. Keep in mind there are probably countless numbers of trainers in your area with many, many different options. So shop around. Just remember you must be comfortable with the Personal Trainer and the price. If you are not, move on. You will find the right fit for you.