How can I avoid getting hurt when I exercise?

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very, very good question. The answer is simple as well as somewhat complicated. It’s simple is if you have the right person with the

right skills to work with. Complicated if you don’t have appropriate assistance. To choose exercises from a magazine or a buddy is all too often a huge mistake. How do you know if the program is appropriate for you? Generally you don’t and chances are it isn’t. This is a classic recipe for injury and frustration. A fitness program or exercise plan should be based on your specific needs, lifestyle and goals and should also be altered on a very regular basis. I often change what I do with my clients from week to week, if not session to session. I combine exercise with MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) to help me hone appropriate exercises for my participants. With this combination I am able to tell if the plan is working the them. Sometimes less is more and we must be aware of that. It can be a slower process but the results can be far more rewarding. Imagine progressing your fitness without ever getting hurt, it can be done.


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