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The power of “WHY” and your fitness goals

February 15th, 2010

Why would the word WHY be significant? Have you ever tried to do affirmations and found that they just don’t work? You tell yourself “I weigh 150 pounds” when you are actually 250 pounds. Your mind is automatically calling you a liar. Why, because it just isn’t the truth for you. You may desperately want it to be the truth but it isn’t and every part of you knows it. So why don’t we try a different approach.
Ask yourself, “Why will I be 150 pounds?” Then proceed to answer honestly. You may come up with answers such as “because I am going to eat less and start working out.” I would suggest giving yourself as many answers as possible. By doing so you are creating an action plan and chances are you will start moving in the right direction towards you goal.

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